A Portfolio of Photorealistic Illustrations by Dave Wishart

A drawing of a classic carUntitled

Dave Wishart is an artist and illustrator with an affinity for motorbikes and classic cars. In his artistic practice, Dave works primarily in traditional drawing media including ink and graphite, producing highly detailed and photorealistic illustrations of mechanical and automotive subjects, as well as realistic portraits of human faces and figures. 

A drawing of a motorcycleKingpin Alley


Browsing through Dave’s portfolio, it’s always impressive to see just how closely the artist can emulate the look and texture of polished chrome and steel, using simple, easily accessible art materials on paper. Dave’s current portfolio showcases some of the artist’s photographs alongside the drawings, and it’s fascinating to be able to see the way that precise details translate into hand drawings. 

A screen capture of David Wishart's art portfolio websitewww.davewishartartstudio.com

Dave’s portraits showcase the same level of attention to detail, with the artist switching to softer lining and blending methods to capture the texture of skin and hair.  The effect is one that perfectly captures the effect of a black-and-white photo -- detailed and soft-focused exactly where it needs to be.

A photo of a motorcycle parked near a gas stationUntitled, photograph

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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