The Tattoo Portfolio of Jessie Grant

A chest tattoo of a raven in flightUntitled

Jessie Grant is a Kelowna-based tattoo artist who works out of The Sunroom tattoo studio. In her practice, Jessie works in colour and blackwork, producing custom permanent ink that reflects an illustrative visual style and a great attention to detail. 

A tattoo of fruit and flowersUntitled


I’m impressed by the detail and line work in Jessie’s tattoos -- the majority of the projects in the artist’s current portfolio are larger works -- sleeves and full chest pieces, for example -- that emphasize layering and complex arrangements of figurative imagery. When Jessie uses colour, she often works with a blend of bright jewel tones and more subdued neutrals, building images that have realistic, lasting colour. In her blackwork and greyscale pieces, the artist emphasizes shading and well-placed details to create a sense of volume. 

A screen capture of The Sunroom tattoo studio websiteThe front page of The Sunroom tattoo's website


The subject matter in Jessie’s tattoo portfolio varies, but the artist has a clear affinity for animals and human figures, often blended with a sense of magic and mythology.

A photo of a black-and-white leg tattooUntitled

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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