The Painting Portfolio of Michelle Marcotte

A triptych of paintings of eggsThree egg paintings of three eggs

Michelle Marcotte is a painter with a background in food science and styling. In her current artistic practice, Michelle uses oil paint to capture lush, sumptuous images of food, evoking the memories and emotions that food is so often tied to. 

A painting of a bowl of lemons surrounded by candlesBe the one who lights candles against the darkness, oil on canvas


It’s really fantastic to be able to see all of Michelle’s artworks in series on her portfolio website. Each work is deliciously saturated and layered with rich, blended brush marks, and seeing many works (each capturing an individual meal or food) together creates the sense that one is partaking of a feast both visual and tactile. The way the artist uses colour not only to render realistic fruits, vegetables, and prepared foods but to invoke volume and presence means that even humble items like eggs or vegetables take on a sense of wonder. 

The front page of Michelle Marcotte's painting


Though Michelle has a clear affinity for food, it’s not the only thing the artist paints -- she’s equally adept at floral works, children’s illustration, and portraiture, taking the same saturated, gestural approach in all of her painting.

A painting of a lush garden of liliesDaylilies, oil on canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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