A Portfolio of Text, Lettering, and Poetry by Rose Jackson Taylor

A set of handmade cards printed with an image of a super 8 cameraSuper 8, linocut print

Rose Jackson Taylor is an artist and designer whose portfolio centres on text, lettering, and poetry. The artist’s current body of work includes linocut designs, rubber stamps, and chalk-based signs custom-made for various clients. 

A set of handmade name cards with unique illustrationsHandmade Name Cards


I enjoy the clean, sleek aesthetic of Rose’s work -- the artist’s calligraphy in combination with simple card stock and striking yet neutral colour schemes combines contemporary minimalism with a slightly whimsical, slightly feminine edge. In her linocut prints, Rose uses gold on white card stock to create an upscale yet understated look -- the simple, silhouette aesthetic of the prints would make for great greeting cards or invitations. 

A screen capture of Rose Jackson Taylor's art portfolio websitewww.rosejacksontaylor.com


As we saw in our previous feature of Rose’s typography art, we looked at the artist’s rubber stamps. These works combine text with simple, hand-cut illustrations. Rubber stamps as a medium lend an interesting sense of interactivity to these works -- though the design is original, it will be repeated in countless contexts, each one unique to the client who buys it.

A photo of a selection of handcut rubber stamps with ink on themNot edible.

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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