Earthy Colour Palette: Art and Jewelry by Tina Tavolacci

A close-up photo of an enamel pendant necklaceEnamel necklace

Tina Tavolacci is a Michigan-based artist who works in paint, mixed media, and jewelry-making. The artist’s works combine a rich, earthy colour palette with enameled jewel tones for striking works both wearable and wall-hanging. 

A bangle made from metal and enamelEnamel bangle


It’s really fun to browse through Tina’s jewelry galleries and see the artist’s creative range. Many of Tina’s works have an interesting balance of natural and man-made. In rings and bracelets, for example, textured, lightly weathered copper frames brightly coloured expanses of enamel -- the contrast between random weathering and antiquing patterns on the copper and the clean, brighter-than-life colours of the enamel serves to create striking pieces of wearable art.

A screen capture of Tina Tavolacci's art portfolio


Many of Tina’s jewelry pieces remind me of work by Renee Hennessy or Faith Revels. Both artists also use combinations of natural and man-made to accentuate contrasting details. Tina’s jewelry works sit alongside a portfolio of paintings and mixed media works that feature animals and plants, further enforcing the connection between nature and her artist portfolio.

A handmade enamel and metal ringEnamel ring

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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