Plein Air and Studio-Based Art by Edward Bear Miller

A painting of an earthy mountain rangeOlana View, oil on panel

Edward Bear Miller is based in Tarrytown, New York, where he maintains a painting practice that is equal parts plein air and studio-based. The artist’s portfolio includes lush landscape paintings as well as portraiture and political artwork. 

A painting of men in suits standing in a conference roomTeam Players, oil on panel


Edward paints in a loose, gestural style that emphasizes the texture and materiality of the paint itself as much as the image created by the collective brush strokes. In his landscapes, especially, there’s a sense that the artist is painting quickly, working to capture the essential details of a scene before the lighting changes, giving the viewer an impression of a moment in time, a mood, and perhaps a memory.

A screen capture of Edward Bear Miller's art portfolio


In portrait works, Edward often utilizes a slightly more polished painting approach -- effective for rendering recognizable faces and monuments. Some of the artist’s most recent works take a political stance, with Edward painting portraits of historical figures and American civil rights activists over canvases embroidered with the American flag.

A painting of Harriet Tubman on a hand-embroidered American flagHarriet Tubman, oil on sewn and embroidered canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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