Curated Art Collection: Subdued

Painting of figure in garden"Fire at Bean Gully" Sofia Arnold


Each week we present a curated collection of artwork. This week the theme is Subdued.  As in the brooding low-level energy conjured by muddy, dim pallettes and soft edges. Featuring art by: Sofia Arnold, Shawn Demarest, Noah Verrier, David Hockney, Camilla Engman, Dean Osgood and Tim Van Ginkel.  I love these works for their ability to be soft and strong at the same time. Low contrast, understated, not without power but for the moment Subdued.

Painting of dark sky and clouds"Storm Playa" Shawn Demarest


Painting of birds, clouds and open field with house"Sunset No. 81" Noah Verrier

Watercolor painting by David Hockney"Untitled" David Hockney, Watercolour

Painting of naked woman in forrest with dark figure

"En försvarslös pojke i strumplästen försöker förleda mörkrets krafter" Camilla Engman

Tress in water

"Foggy Morning at Lake Martin" Dean Osgood

Painting of abstract spheres and lines Artwork by Tim Van Ginkel 


Written by: rebecca chaperon
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