The Oil Paint and Watercolour Portfolio of Yvonne Shaffer

A painting of people in canoes in a riverPerfect Day, oil on canvas

Yvonne Shaffer is a painter who creates works in traditional two-dimensional canvas format, as well as on theatrical sets. The artist works primarily in oil paint and watercolour, playing to the advantages of each medium. 

An abstract oil painting with elongated forms in blue and whiteFanfare, oil on canvas


I really like the texture and atmosphere of Yvonne’s paintings -- in landscapes, the artist captures just the right amount of detail -- though the scenes are realistic, the artist still showcases visible brush marks and paint texture, allowing some of her own hand to shine through in each piece. In abstract works Yvonne takes this idea further, often working in experimental colour combinations and heavy brush work to generate images with unique textures and hues.

A screen capture of Yvonne Shaffer's art portfolio


The artist’s sense of exploration and experimentation comes in handy in her theatrical sets. As we saw in our previous feature of the artist’s theatrical artworks, Yvonne is skilled at creating sets that capture the viewer’s imagination while leaving the emphasis on the theatrical players.

A pencil crayon drawing of two children in formal clothesNora & Jason, coloured pencil on paper

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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