Knick-Knacks and Contemporary Kitsch: Art by Susan Parrish

A sculpture with the suggested appearance of a faceCall for Entry

Susan Parrish is an artist and sculptor who works primarily with found objects, metal, and ceramic. The artist’s pieces are an interesting blend of antique knick-knacks and contemporary kitsch, and encompass sculptures, household objects, and jewelry. 

A sculpture of a fish made from varied mixed mediaBlue-eyed, Curly Finned Fish

It’s really neat to see Susan’s aesthetic sensibility translated into the medium of handmade jewelry. The artist has a knack for combining densely patterned and visually complex pieces in a way that showcases the original workmanship while highlighting new visual possibilities. These jewelry pieces -- mostly earrings and pendants -- would be striking centrepieces to any outfit. 

The front page of Susan Parrish's art portfolio


In our previous feature of Susan’s work with mixed media and found objects, we saw how the artist tends to preserve the original, recognizable appearance of the objects she uses, lending an interesting sense of familiarity to otherwise novel forms and figures.

A handmade necklace with materials of different patternsNecklace

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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