Fantasy and Fiction: Art by Sue Ellen Brown

A drawing of a poinsettia flower on a blue backgroundPoinsettia, graphite, airbrush, Prismacolor pencil, and acrylic on illustration board

Sue Ellen Brown is a classically trained artist who works in oil, acrylic, and airbrush painting as well as pencil crayon, producing illustrative artworks taking on a wide range of subject matter. Much of the artist’s work is focused on fantasy and fiction, including imagery of dragons and other mythological figures. 

A painting of the zodiac sign aquariusAquarius


As in our previous feature of Sue Ellen’s refined fantasy artworks, the artist has a great skill for blending and producing images that have a soft, pleasantly smooth texture to them. In any given work by Sue Ellen there is very little evidence of the artist’s hand, which makes for a clearer focus on the image’s subject. As a viewer, it’s fun to examine these works closely and get caught up in the fine details of a dragon’s scales or the symbolic imagery in an illustration of one of the signs of the zodiac. 

A screen capture of Sue Ellen Brown's art portfolio


Outside of her traditional two-dimensional works, Sue Ellen also produces unique pieces of jewelry. In this medium the artist again embraces fine details, often using many strands and layers of tiny beads to build up a complex and colourful aesthetic. 

A drawing of a baby dragon with blue and red huesDragon Baby g

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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