A Portfolio of Kiln Formed Glass by Claudia Whitten

A kiln-formed glass bowlColor Drop, kilformed glass

Claudia Whitten is a glass artist who works especially in kiln formed glass, producing opaque, colourful vessels and decorative objects, sometimes with figurative imagery on their surfaces. The artist has studied under master glass artists and artisans in North America as well as Ireland and the UK.  

A square of glass with fractal patterns across its surfaceFractal Series, kiln-formed glass


I really love the way colour and texture combine in Claudia’s works. The artist’s vessels often utilize semi-random patterns of complementary colours -- think daubs of cheerful yellow mixed with greens and blues -- dispersed slightly to give the viewer the sense that these colours are suspended within a layer of translucent glass. Some of these pieces remind me of works by Joanne Andrighetti, in the way that they combine coloured and translucent glass to build a dynamic, layered effect. 

The front page of Claudia Whitten's art portfolio websitewww.claudiawhittenglass.com


As we saw in our previous feature of Claudia’s glass artefacts, the artist uses a variety of interesting techniques to achieve patterns and images -- like the branching effects in her Fractal Series. The look and feel of these pieces serves as a testament to the versatility of the glass medium.

A piece of kiln formed glass painted with aspen treesKilnformed Aspen Painting

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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