A Portfolio of Realistic Drawings by Shannon Ann Coyle

A drawing of a boy with a wreath around his headAmon, graphite

Shannon Ann Coyle is an artist based in Newfoundland and Labrador. The artist works primarily in graphite, creating detailed, realistic drawings of people, animals, and the seagulls inhabiting the local landscape. 

A drawing of a dogMoses, graphite


The artist’s drawings are produced with a delicate hand, with pencil strokes lightly blended. The resulting images have a soft touch and feel almost nostalgic in a way, as though the artist is depicting a fond memory or a face that they know fondly. As we saw in our previous feature of Shannon’s delicate but realistic portraits, the artist applies this soft blended technique in different ways to animal coats, hair, and ocean waves, capturing subjects that are ever-changing in their precise shape and form. 

A screen capture of Shannon Ann Coyle's art portfolio websitewww.portraitsbyshannonann.com


Whether it’s the feathers of a bird, the fur of a household pet, or the facial features of a human subject, the artist is able to adjust her technique to suit the texture and light-reflecting properties of her inspiration.

A drawing of a seagull in waterLivingstone Perhaps, graphite

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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