The Art Portfolio of Sculptor and Painter Larry Scaturro

A geometric painting with planes of blue and blackUntitled 1, acrylic on canvas

Larry Scaturro is a sculptor and painter currently based in Brooklyn, New York. In his practice, Larry creates sculptures that seem inspired by the shapes and aesthetics of mid-20th century contemporary art, as well as paintings that offer a thoroughly contemporary take on geometric abstraction. 

A painting of geometric forms in different coloursUntitled 6, acrylic on board

Larry’s paintings remind me a bit of works by David Wightman, particularly in the way that Larry utilizes bright, flat planes of colour and sharp lines and shapes. The artist is adept at composing his abstractions such that rectangular and triangular planes of black fit together in a way that suggests volume and depth. I can see the artist’s talent for sculpture and how it translates into a two-dimensional medium. 

A screen capture of Larry Scaturro's art portfolio


Speaking of sculpture, I’m impressed by how easily Larry can switch between abstract and figurative sculpture, while maintaining a distinctive aesthetic sensibility in terms of his media and the smooth, curved, organic forms that he works with.

A sculpture of curved black woodNocturnal, polychrome wood

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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