The Traditional and Digital Media Art Portfolio of Nancy Ungar

A digital artwork incorporating abstract forms and silhouetted birdsTOO LATE FOR THE PHOENIX, digital art

Nancy Ungar is an artist who works in traditional and digital media, producing dense abstractions that reflect on the macroscopic and microscopic forms of nature, as well as more esoteric concepts.

A digital artwork incorporating rounded shapes and suggestions of figureThe Tentacles of Time, digital art


I really enjoy the way Nancy uses colour -- the artist’s works often feature a wide range of unique hues, unified by an overarching colour palette that suggests cool temperatures, deep space or underwater landscapes, and organic growth. Nancy’s recent digital works are fascinating in their complexity -- the artist layers recognizable forms and figures with abstractions and natural elements to create scenes that are totally alien, but with just enough symbolic information to help draw the viewer’s attention. 

A screen capture of Nancy Ungar's art portfolio


Nancy’s pastel works take quite a different approach to the picture plane. These works have a distinct earthy tone and depict isolated landscapes with an intimidating sense of vastness. It’s easy to get lost in these works, though in a somewhat different way than one might get “lost” in Nancy’s abstractions.

A pastel drawing of a fiery orange skyHomes w. Vue, pastel

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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