A Portfolio of Musical Composition by Paul J. Bolger

A painting of a man with a wide stance playing guitarPhilo in Action, acrylic on canvas

Paul J. Bolger is a musician and artist based in Ireland. The artist’s work spans musical composition, songwriting, filmmaking, illustration, and more. In his practice, Paul celebrates his own history and Irish culture as well as exploring a graphic, high-impact illustration style. 


Swim (shot and edited by Colin Shanahan)


Several of the artist’s songs are available with video on Paul’s portfolio website. Most of Pauls’ music videos are directed by the artist himself, and it’s interesting to be able to see how the artist visually interprets the lyrics and melody. Tonally, Paul’s music has a folksy, vocal-focused vibe, with heartfelt lyrics -- the artist has adopted the term “bog gothic” to describe the sound, a subgenre of Celtic rock. 

A screen capture of Paul J. Bolger's art portfolio websitewww.pauljbolger.com

Paul’s illustration portfolio is wonderfully varied, showcasing the artist’s forays into various traditional media, both colour and black and white, gestural and graphic. Many of the images seen in the artist’s portfolio have a distinctly comic-book sense about them.

A digital illustration of a man in profileMouse - Sons Phonetic

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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