The Watercolour and Pencil Crayon Portfolio of Geneviève Désy

A print of a drawing of two cardinalsReproduction d'un dessin de couple de cardinaux / drawing of cardinal couple (print), Polychromos pencil crayons

Geneviève Désy is an artisan and illustrator based in Quebec who creates original drawings and prints, as well as handmade accessories. The artist is skilled at photo-realism in a range of media including watercolour and pencil crayon

A watercolour painting of a cat in a top hat and bowtieChat Festif / Festive Cat, watercolour


Many of Geneviève’s drawings feature animals, both domesticated and wild. The artist has a great skill for utilizing pencil crayon and ink to capture the soft texture of a cat’s fur, as well as the shine of details like eyes and claws. One gallery on the Geneviève’s portfolio website is devoted to drawings of hands -- entwined with each other, or captured in poses that connote certain emotions or circumstances. I like the way the artist combines a very pared-down composition with highly detailed, realistic drawing to capture human hands up close. 

A screen capture of Genevieve Desy's art portfolio


Geneviève’s portfolio of crafts and wearable artworks is just as packed. The artist produces handmade toques and hats in a range of designs and colours, each one designed to provide warmth and fun style through many Canadian winters.

A handmade blue wool toqueTuque pure laine bleu marine avec pompon / Navy blue pure wool toque with pompom, handmade

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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