Movement and Vibration: The Art Portfolio of Michael Lightsey

A drawing of a male figure with wild hairEnoch, pencil sketch on paper

Michael Lightsey was born in Ohio and is currently based in California. The artist creates graphite sketches and drawings as well as photographs and abstract paintings, often focusing his artistic attention on a sense of rapid movement and vibration

A graphite portrait of a womanJohanna, pencil on paper


I really enjoy the artist’s recent sketches in his Dancer series and portraiture gallery. The way the artist draws hair is quite aesthetically interesting -- in a few works, a figure in motion is surrounded by a veritable cloud of hair, almost too voluminous and abundant to be real, echoing the pattern of the figure’s movement in curved contour lines that overlap and mimic the appearance of errant strands of hair caught in a ray of light.  

A screen capture of Michael Lightsey's art portfolio


The artist uses the human form in a variety of different ways throughout his portfolio. Michael’s graphite portraits are highly realistic and detailed, capturing the facial features and expressions of his subjects. Meanwhile, in his figurative and digital paintings, Michael plays with abstraction, building an intriguing sense of mystery out of photographic subjects.

A photographic study of a dancer in motionDancer Study 73, digital giclee

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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