A Portfolio of Landscapes, Portraits, and Nudes by David Quinlan

A painting of waves crashing on a beachEndlesss as a mighty ocean, oil on canvas

David Quilan is an oil painter born and raised in the UK and later based in New Zealand. The artist has a background in architecture, though his paintings are primarily focused around landscapes, portraiture, and nudes

A painting of three white rams in a meadowLast Years Wiltshire Rams, oil on canvas


David’s painting style has a gestural quality about it that suggests a carefree attitude and approach to painting -- knowing of the artist’s prior career in architecture, it’s easy to imagine these lush, soft landscape paintings as being a kind of escape from the rigid, mathematical draftsmanship required in the architectural field. And yet, a sense of precision certainly shines through in David’s portfolio -- his paintings of the human figure, for example, speak to a scientific understanding of the structures and physical elements that underpin the human form. 

A screen capture of David Quinlan's art portfolio websitewww.davidquinlan-artist.com


I enjoy the way the artist uses colour as well, particularly in his landscapes. In his ocean scenes, David creates contrast between the waves and rocky beaches with pale blues and dark, earth tones, lending a brisk, cool atmosphere to each canvas.

A portrait of a smiling womanMaggie, Conte pencil on tinted paper

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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