Flower Blossoms: A Painting Portfolio by Linda Wagner

A painting of the italian countrysideOrvieto, Italy, oil on canvas

Linda Wagner is a watercolour and oil painter based in British Columbia. In her practice, Linda paints detailed, figurative landscapes as well as working in a more abstracted style, rendering flower blossoms in dreamy, softly curving brush strokes. 

A close-up of flower pods in green and yellow tonesSpring Pods, oil on canvas


I really love the works in Linda’s Pods & Florals series -- the artworks here are occasionally reminiscent of Georgia O’Keeffe, though Linda tends toward a more heavily saturated colour palette. The artist’s use of deep, dark blue tones or soft, warm grey neutrals in her backgrounds further lends to the bombastic appearance of these florals, which are often painted in warm reds and oranges and seem to almost glow at the centre of the canvas. 

A screen capture of Linda Wagner's art portfolio websitewww.lindawagner.ca


Linda’s Dreamway series presents a different approach to abstraction, here with elements of architecture and indoor spaces presented as notes in a non-repeating geometric pattern. Planes of colour intersect and overlap, creating a grid of complementary hues that draws the viewer’s eye across the picture plan with undulating, wavelike lines.

A painting of a geometric pattern with objects laid across itThe Dreamway Cat, oil on canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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