Symmetrical Compositions: The Art Portfolio of Carolyn Trotter

A painting of a niche with traditional Indian art stylesIndia niche #2, acrylic on stretched canvas

Carolyn Trotter is a Vancouver-born artist whose work is inspired by natural forms and organic energies. The artist often takes a meditative approach to her work, using symmetrical compositions and repeating patterns to express the unique shape of plants and other biological subjects. 

A painting with a mandala and moon phase imageryMexican Moon, acrylic on canvas


The artist’s gallery of sketches provides an interesting insight into the artist’s approach to art-making. As we saw in our previous feature of Carolyn’s practice of meditation, these sketches, usually incorporating plant and floral forms, explode across the pages of the artist’s sketchbook in a sort of fractal pattern, seemingly examining her natural subjects from both a macro and micro viewpoint. 

A screen capture of Caroline Trotter's art portfolio


This exponential, outward-reaching style appears elsewhere in Carolyn’s portfolio, such as in her Meditation Art series, where Carolyn creates circular paintings, building complex mandalas based on the rounded, not-quite-symmetrical forms of flower blossoms seen from above.

A round painting with Indian imageryBali Bliss, acrylic on canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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