Organic Subject Matter: Art by Peter Barron

A dyptich with abstracted painted figuresThe Conversation (diptych), acrylic and oil on panel

Peter Barron is an artist based in Ontario. In his decades-spanning artistic practice, Peter has worked in oil, watercolour, ink, and other traditional media, producing abstracted works that are densely packed with colourful forms, evoking florals, geological features, and other organic subject matter

An abstracted painting with thick, textured brush marksLovers with Green Fish Under a Dark Moon, acrylic and oil on plywood


I like the texture of Peter’s oil paintings especially -- even in photographic documentation it’s easy to tell just how thickly the artist layers on his paint. There’s a sense of confidence in these heavy brush strokes, and confidence in the final appearance of the painting, with a sense that the artist allows space for intuition and happy accidents in his process. 

The front page of Peter Barron's art portfolio


In his watercolours and ink drawings, the artist creates striking forms using dark pigments that look as though they’ve been dripped and blown across the canvas, dragging branches of deep colour to evoke branches, veins, or other spindly subjects.

An abstract watercolour painting with a large black formSerpentine Shoreline, watercolour

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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