The Art Portfolio of Debra Disharoon

An oil painting of a cloud formationClouds and Virga, oil on canvas

Debra Disharoon is an artist from Shannon, Georgia. The artist’s practice encompasses a wide range of media, from charcoal and coloured pencil to metal fabrication. Though varied in terms of style and subject matter, the artist’s portfolio as a whole exudes a sense of quiet confidence, energy, and ambition. 

A coloured pencil drawing of an orange rosePerfect Rose, coloured pencil on multimedia paper


I’m really enjoying Debra’s recent works in oil on canvas. These pieces have an interestingly illustrative aesthetic, and rather than thickly layering the oil paint the artist captures a dry, pastel-esque texture through thin layering and smooth blending. The resulting works encourage the viewer to focus more on their subjects -- grey-toned clouds and city streets -- than on the materiality of the paint itself. 

The front page of Debra Disharoon's art portfolio

I like the sense of experimentation in Debra’s portfolio. The artist’s abstract gallery presents a variety of pieces all incorporating kaleidoscopic colour palettes via different compositional techniques. In her Functional Metalwork gallery, Debra welds and machines multiple types of metal to a range of interesting effects.

A machined brass cubeCube, machined brass

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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