Therapeutic Approach: The Art Portfolio of Corla McGillivray

An alcohol ink painting with bright red huesUntitled, alcohol ink

Corla McGillivray is an artist from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan who takes an intuitive, therapeutic approach to her art practice. The artist’s works use a range of two-dimensional media and saturated, layered colour palettes. 

An abstract artwork with tones of yellow and purpleUntitled

Though Corla uses a variety of colour in each of her artworks, she still manages a fairly cohesive colour scheme across her entire portfolio. Blues, greens, and teals feature prominently, as do deep shades of purple and crimson. There’s an energy about many of the works that suggests the artist is exploring a certain mood or emotion, or simply letting her emotions guide the creative process to some extent. 

A screen capture of Corla McGillivray's art portfolio


The result is works that feel somehow personal and universal. While looking at one of Corla’s abstract works, I sense that though I may never know exactly what was going through the artist’s head while she was painting it, I can project my own feels and experiences onto the colourful, textural expanse. These works provide a unique viewing experience for each individual.

An abstract artwork with a pale pastel colour paletteUntitled

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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