Geometric Motifs: The Art Portfolio of Lisa Berkman

An abstract geometric painting with textured elementsUntitled

Lisa Berkman is a painter based in Seattle. In her artistic practice, Lisa is primarily an abstract painter, focused on composition and colour, building works that utilize contemporary geometric motifs and heavy, raised textures. 

A black and white abstract painting with large brush marksUntitled


There’s a great sense of weight and presence with Lisa’s artworks -- some pieces in the artist’s Black and White gallery evoke Lee Krasner, while some of Lisa’s more colourful works have palettes and compositions reminiscent of Philip Guston, albeit tending toward an almost sculptural level of texture and paint layering. 

The front page of Lisa Berkman's art portfolio


Lisa’s works in clay seem to sit squarely between painting and sculpture -- it’s almost as if the artist set out to create a sculpture of a painting. It’s easy to get lost in the craters and valleys of a sculptural work like this, where the eye is drawn back and forth across a rectangular plane by snaking raised lines, hills, and moments of bright colour recessed behind a neutral foreground.

A geometric abstract painting with heavy black hues and bright squaresProblem Solved, oil on canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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