A Portfolio of Colourful Paintings by Arquimedes Mejia

A potrait of a woman with long brown hairretrato 2

Arquimedes Mejia is a painter and artist born in Seíbo, Dominican Republic. In his art practice, Arquimedes produces colourful paintings of faces, landscapes, and still-life subject matter. The artist’s style is easily adapted to both smooth, soft blending techniques and more textural brush marks. 

A painting of a half-peeled mandarin orangeUntitled


The artist’s most recent paintings showcase Arquimedes’ skill with facial features -- many of the works in his New Paintings portfolio gallery are portraits of feminine faces, and I really like the way the artist balances softly blended skin tones with detailed, lifelike features and hard-lined, sketchy hair and fabrics. In the uniform lines that make up the subjects’ hair, it’s clear that these paintings are digital, but the blending elsewhere in the image could easily be oil or acrylic. 

A screen capture of Arquimedes Mejia's art portfolio websitewww.arquimedesmejia.com


As we saw in our previous feature of Arquimedes’ figurative painting, the artist’s Arlequines series is an interesting exploration of both figure painting and geometric abstraction. Human figures clad in “harlequin” patterned outfits enact various poses -- I especially like the few works wherein multiple figures intersect with one another, producing interesting op-art moments where their patterned costumes overlap.

A painting of two harlequin figures dancing15

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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