Conceptions of Home: The Art Portfolio of Sharon Hunter

A painting of abstracted figures raising a barnBarn Raising, oil and spray paint

Sharon Hunter is an Ontario-based artist with Métis roots. In her artistic practice, Sharon seeks to explore and understand conceptions of “home” and personal heritage, both from the perspective of a settler on First Nations land, and through her own Ojibwa ancestry. The artist’s portfolio encompasses large-scale murals as well as landscape and site-specific works. 

A painting of antlers incorporating marks made by oxidized copperCopper #3, oil paint, canvas, stains left by oxidized pennies


I really enjoy the distinct aesthetic that shines through across different series and settings within the artist’s portfolio. Sharon has an affinity for bright colours and geometric shapes that interact with imagery drawn from nature. A recent series of Sharon’s explores the impact of mining on wildlife populations through the use of oxidized pennies to stain a canvas depicting antlers. The contrast between the metallic-green staining, in geometrica circles, with the tree-like form and texture of the antlers is striking. 

A screen capture pf Sharon Hunter's art portfolio


Concurrent with her personal practice, Sharon has also led and coordinated a number of community workshops, especially with First Nations communities in Ontario cities such as Sault Ste. Marie.

A painting depicting a snowshoe on a black backgroundSnow Shoe, enamel gloss spray and oil paint on canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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