A Portfolio of Community Art Projects by Sara Kaltwasser

A painting of a message spread across sheets of lined paperRe/Write, acrylic paint, ink, and graphite on wood

Sara Kaltwasser grew up in Portland, Oregon, and is now based in Baltimore, Maryland. In her artistic practice, Sara is both an artist and an educator, producing work on a personal level as well as collaborating with various public and organizational groups to create community art projects and individual works. 

A black and white photograph of water bottles with text overlayDay 26

I’m really enjoying Sara’s artworks made in 2020. The artist’s series of C-19 poems addresses the anxieties of everyday life during a pandemic in the form of brief, spare prose poems set against black and white images of mundane household objects and settings. There’s a nice balance here between the personal and the universal -- the feelings the poems express, and the images they evoke, are individual, and yet for many stuck in quarantine, instantly recognizable. 

A screen capture of Sarah Kaltwasser's art portfolio websitewww.sarahkaltwasser.com


Sara’s 2020 series The Myth of Our Greatness Will be Our Downfall similarly addresses the ongoing battle for civil rights taking place in the United States (and the rest of the world) through a series of almost childlike handmade paintings that are striking in their quiet, simple aesthetics.

A hand-drawn American flag on a piece of lined paperThe Myth of Our Greatness Will be Our Downfall - Flag

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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