A Portfolio of Abstract Monotype Prints by Amy Kaufman

A hand-painted monotype print with ripples of mixed colourRipples, unique handpainted monotype print

Amy Kaufmann produces monotype prints and paintings with an eye toward streamlined, colourful aesthetics and striking compositions. Based in New England, the artist’s current portfolio showcases floral and abstract monotype prints, along with oil paintings of seascapes and other subjects. 

A painting of a textured, deep blue oceanscapeOcean, mixed media on canvas


Though Amy’s works are largely figurative, there’s a sense of primary focus on texture and colour. In her abstract series, the artist’s prints seem to be divided into a few different visual categories -- in some, she uses a single colour, dragging pigment across the a plexiglass surface with all manner of painting tools to create a variety of novel marks which are then printed. In some cases, the artist creates a print and then paints directly onto the marked paper, producing a layered, temporal effect.


A screen capture of Amy Kaufman's art portfolio website



The nature of monotype printing and the artist’s style means that each work is unique -- even in using the same printing plate, Amy emphasizes elements that may come to the forefront or fade into the background, depending on a variety of uncontrollable variables.

A mixed media artwork depicting a field of bright red tulipsFish Tulips, mixed media oil

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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