Blue Jewel Tones: The Art Portfolio of Ellen Kappes

A watercolour painting of boats in a harbourcarefree, watercolour

Ellen Kappes is an artist who works primarily in watercolour, and has a background in silkscreen prints. The artist’s works often feature bright, deep blue jewel tones and focus on landscapes and seascapes from around her home of Northeast Harbor, Maine.

A silkscreen print of a heronheron place, seriagraph print


When creating her watercolour paintings, Ellen often starts a painting en plein air, working from direct observation to capture not only the details and composition of a scene, but the overall mood and atmosphere of that particular moment in time. Even after the works are polished, they retain a nice sense of immediacy, which is helped by the fluid aesthetics of watercolour as a medium. 

A screen capture of Ellen Kappes' art portfolio


I really love how bright and vibrant Ellen’s silkscreen works are. The artist takes advantage of the medium, using pared-down colour palettes and flat shapes to build layered landscapes that have a kind of collage-esque aesthetic.

A watercolour painting of a trio of lilieslily alert, watercolour

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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