Warm, Cohesive Artworks by Jeanie Coy Auseon

A mixed media artwork with shiny pigments on mylarPlay and Wonder 1, pencil and acrylic on mylar

Jeanie Coy Auseon is an artist working primarily in two-dimensional mixed media. Drawing on a history of both personal practice and work as an art educator, the artist creates works featuring a range of subject matter, combining figuration and abstraction to create pleasantly warm, cohesive artworks.  

A mixed media artwork depicting a planet with textured matterPlanetary Play 2, acrylic and metallic paints, moulding compounds, and ink on cradled wood board


I’m really enjoying the way Jeanie plays with texture in her Planetary Play series. The works in this series feature compositions of colourful, circular forms, layered with moulding compounds that take on the look of rocks or asteroids floating in planetary orbit. The balance of white and pale neutral negative space in these works divorces them just enough from a recognizable “outer space” context to create a sense of pure abstraction. 

A screen capture of Jeanie Coy Auseon's art portfolio websitewww.jeanieauseon.com


Jeanie’s mixed media florals showcase the artist’s eye for composition and weight, using a perfect balance of earthy negative space and stylized, textural floral figures to create dynamic, energetic images that are a pleasure to view.

A mixed media artwork with floral formsFloral Play 1, mixed media

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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