Inspiration from Nature: The Art of Janet Pancho Gupta

A painting with symbolism of eyes and a butterflyHunger, watercolour

Janet Pancho Gupta is a painter and photographer based in Hong Kong. In her artistic practice, Janet draws inspiration from nature, balancing strict realism with abstract geometric patterns, and using flying creatures -- birds and butterflies, among others -- as a motif. 


A painting of a figure with overlapping planes of colourUniversal Affection, watercolour and pen


I like the sense of thematic balance in Janet’s artworks. The artist’s Symphony of Life series comprises paintings and drawings that use detailed figurative elements including flowers, animals, and human figures, positioning these elements over wildly colourful geometric backgrounds reminiscent of the op-art of Bridget Riley. This delicate realism placed next to the bombastic colour schemes of the artist’s backgrounds seems to mirror the contrast between the cacophony of nature and the quiet, contemplative image of floral painting. 

A screen capture of Janet Pancho Gupta's art portfolio


I also really enjoy how Janet’s photography sits next to her traditional artworks. In series like Aquatic Reflections, Janet captures the reflective surfaces of water, often broken by birds, fish, or even plant life. There’s a sense of broken geometry in the wake left by a swimming duck or koi fish.

A photograph of a fish under waterA Glimpse of Eternity, photograph

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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