Visually Complex: The Art Portfolio of Pamela Pitt

A layered collage based on a city street viewWe are in the Twilight Zone

Pamela Pitt is a collage artist and photographer based in San Francisco. The artist’s work is visually complex and addresses issues from the aesthetic to the overtly political. In recent works Pamela has applied her talent for collage to current issues including the pandemic and political unrest in the United States. 

A collage with a variety of disparate elementsGorilla Girl, mixed media collage with acrylic and collage elements


I’m impressed by just how much detail the artist is able to pack into each of her images. Works in the series Navigating 2020 with Collage present sprawling landscapes packed with images ranging from architectural details to flora and fauna. Animals, plants, scientific imagery and bits of discordant technology are positioned so as to appear part of backgrounds -- environments consisting of textured, hand-painted planes as well as fragments of real landscapes cut from magazines and photographs. 

A screen capture of Pamela Pitt's art portfolio


Pamela’s Freedom Without Borders presents a detailed, unflinching yet hopeful look at the hypocrisy of border disputes and restrictions placed on individuals in spite of free commercial crossings. Combining aesthetics drawn from various cultural and environmental sources, Pamela builds images that demand a lingering look.

A mixed media collage with national flags and scenes of crowdsGlobal Marketplace, mixed media collage

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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