Coloured Textiles: The Art Portfolio of Sharon Blake

An artwork made with layers of coloured textiles1048 - Sonoma, September, organza, silk, linen

Sharon Blake has lived all over the United States, and much of her artwork draws inspiration from the various settings and scenes that she’s been exposed to via these travels. Sharon’s artistic portfolio includes abstracted landscapes created in coloured textiles, as well as sharp studio photography.

A textile-based image with a ghostly image of a house0964 - Grey House, organza, silk, linen


I really love Sharon’s series of textile landscapes. The works in this series all seem to follow the same compositional “rules,” with gradients of colour seemingly radiating out of a central horizon line. I’m impressed by how consistently the works indicate the parts of a landscape -- a sky, meeting earth at a central line, characteristics of the light and landscape expressing themselves in variations and imperfections of the fabric -- using very sparse, minimal figuration. 

A screen capture of Sharon Blake's art portfolio


The artist’s studio photographs take a different approach toward this sense of clean, sparse composition. In these works, Sharon stages objects -- sometimes household, sometimes natural detritus -- on backgrounds either stark white or black. The viewer is left to contemplate an object in a new context, removed totally from any outside influence.

A photograph of a rack containing spools of thread1845 - SPOOLS

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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