London's Happiest Milliner: The Portfolio of Fifilabelle

A handmade hat with black feathersNavy feathered side sweeper

Fifilabelle is the millinery of Fiona Menzies. Billing herself as London’s happiest milliner, the artist produces fanciful hats and other decorative headwear using fine materials and drawing on traditional techniques and practiced technical skill. 

A handmade grey felt trilby hatGrey felt trilby


Fifilabelle’s designs range from understated to larger-than-life, and the artist demonstrates a great eye for sculptural composition and balance in each piece. The Fifilabelle Hats & Headpieces gallery includes everyday staples like the classic, understated trilby or fedora, as well as cocktail hats with feathered decorations reaching stratospheric heights above the wearer’s head. 

A screen capture of Fifilabelle's millinery art portfolio


Regardless of the design, there’s a sense of high quality that’s apparent even in photographs of Fifi’s hats -- the artist uses materials that look soft and project an air of high-class luxury. Photos of the artist’s clientele wearing her creations showcase an array of beautiful, well put-together looks, with custom millinery serving as the icing on the cake.

A photo of a handmade cocktail hat with cherry decorationsCherry cocktail hat

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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