Fantastic Favourites: Mo Davis, Susan McKenzie, Micky Renders

Today we’re taking a look at the artistic practices of Mo Davis, Susan McKenzie, and Micky Renders. These three artists all take a performative approach to art, putting their own unique spin on the idea of “performance,” and drawing on different disciplines and skill sets. Each artist’s portfolio is representative of their dedication to the craft, whether that’s acting, dance, or multidisciplinary artwork and community engagement. 


Mo Davis


Mo Davis is a film and television actor with a knack for portraying characters both series and humorously over-the-top. The artist has appeared in several commercial spots as well as television roles, disappearing into her characters each time.


Mo Davis


Susan McKenzie


Susan McKenzie is a lifelong dancer and dance enthusiast whose artistic practice includes performance, choreography, and education. Susan’s portfolio includes snippets of inspiration and writing on the subject of dance and regarding her peers. 

A photo of two dancers in motion



Micky Renders


Micky Renders is an Ontario-based artist whose personal practice includes a variety of media, from painting to photography, and who often works with community groups to build collaborative, communicative art experiences. Much of Micky’s oeuvre is made in response to challenging social issues.

A painting with a gradient of green and blue

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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