Essential Details: The Art Portfolio of Jacquie Manning

A painting of a pair of eagles in a treeCan You See Lunch Enid?, oil on canvas

Jacquie Manning is a painter and art educator based in western Canada. In her practice, the artist captures landscapes, still-life, and various everyday scenes in a variety of painted media. Jacquie’s style is quick and gestural, capturing the essential details of a scene while leaving some to the imagination. 

A painting of two gutted boats on a shoreUntitled


I love how varied Jacquie’s portfolio is in terms of subject matter. The artist seems to draw inspiration from all around, painting whatever captures her interest at a particular moment. Her gallery of landscapes includes seascapes, forest clearings, and snowy mountain passes; her still life painting encompasses classic florals as well as party decorations and outdoor objects, like a bright pink bicycle. 

The front page of Jacquie Manning's art portfolio


Jacquie’s loose painting style lends itself well to the artist’s prolific practice, and it’s satisfying to see how consistent Jacquie’s style remains, almost regardless of medium or subject. The artist’s pastel pieces make great use of the bright colours afforded by the medium, with some especially striking pieces on black grounds.

A pastel drawing of a forest pathtrail

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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