Rich, Gestural Paintings: The Art Portfolio of Ginny Paternite

A painting of a still lake in springSpring Reflections, oil on board

Ginny Paternite was raised in upstate New York and is now based in South Carolina. In her artistic practice, Ginny creates rich, gestural paintings of her local landscape, animals, and other still-life subjects.

A painting of some horses in a meadowIn The Meadow, oil


I love the way Ginny uses colour in her paintings. The artist’s works feel luxurious in their use of heavy, confident brush marks and saturated hues. In landscapes, the artist layers on a smorgasbord of different shades and tints of green, lending a rich sense of depth and texture to each image. The artist delivers the same treatment for animal fur and various other subjects, capturing the changing hues of, for example, a horse’s coat in sunlight. 

A screen capture of Ginny Paternite's art portfolio


Though Ginny’s use of colour is perhaps the element of these works that is immediately striking, the colours of these works are bolstered by the artist’s eye for realistic detail and shape, rendering architecture, trees, and animals with realistic proportions that suggest brief impressions of real places and things.

A painting of a large glass jar and a small brown jarLittle Brown Jug, oil

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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