Wire and Fibreglass Art by Steven J. Simmons

A hanging sculpture of a blue and white heartBluebonic Plague Heart

Steven J. Simmons’ art portfolio serves as a personal love letter to surfing, surf culture, and the ocean as a whole. In his practice, Steven works with various sculptural materials including wire and fibreglass, creating translucent, three-dimensional works that have a unique tactility and interact beautifully with natural light. 

A handmade lampshade with translucent, coloured material and wireLampshade Redux #3 (with light 2)


Steven’s COVID 19 Creations series contains some beautiful examples of the artist’s unique aesthetic and approach to sculpture. Many of the works in this series are shaped like hearts, lending them a poignant feeling especially given the artist’s isolated context. The artist sculpts the hearts using a twisted wire frame and adds translucent material in hues of blue and other pale, cool colours. The resulting sculptures have a quiet beauty about them, and in photographs they perfectly capture a sense of melancholic hope when set against backdrops of bright sunlight. 

A screen capture of Steven J. Simmons' art portfolio websitewww.stevenjsimmons.com


The artist’s portfolio encompasses a variety of other approaches to sculpture, including functional artworks such as lamp shades and tables, all treated with the same unique visual approach.

A wall-hanging translucent sculpture of a waveFlowsaic Wave (with azaleas)

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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