The Oil on Canvas Portfolio of Brent Ciccone

A painting of a row of yellow trees in front of a blue mountain rangePocaterra Sentinals, oil on canvas

Brent Ciccone is a Canadian painter working primarily in oil on canvas. In his practice, Brent captures the vastness and detail of the Canadian landscape in strikingly colourful paintings, as well as exploring a variety of other scenes and subjects. 

A pastel drawing of a buffaloGrazing, pastel on paper


I like the texture of Brent’s paintings -- in oil painting he takes advantage of the medium with soft, barely-visible blending techniques or thickly, sculptural layers of colour. In pastel drawings, Brent utilizes slightly roughened planes of colour, sketched in to allow for a sense of movement and lighting that suggests an impression of form rather than filling in every detail. 

A screen capture of Brent Ciccone's art portfolio


Brent’s Birds and Animals series offers a number of great examples of the artist’s use of colour. I like how the artist balances a very colourful avian subject with an equally colourful background without losing focus. Though an image is wildly colourful, the viewer’s eye is still drawn foremost toward the main subject.

A pastel drawing of autumn leaves in closeupBefore the Fall, oil on canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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