Abstract Geometric Forms: Art by Catherine Bourassa-Hébert

An abstract painting with circular and rectangular formsCSS IV Untitled 9, acrylic on canvas

Catherine Bourassa-Hébert is a Canadian artist working in both Montreal and Boston. In her practice, the artist is primarily a painter, working with abstract geometric forms and splashes of bright, varied colour. 

An artwork with circular forms and chevron shapesCSS II Untitled 12 (1 of 1), screen print on paper

Throughout her portfolio, Catherine demonstrates a great sense of visual balance in her artworks, and an eye for compositions that focus just as much on negative space as on forms and figures. Across four series of Circle studies, the artist utilizes similar circular forms while altering the surrounding space and use of colour to create vastly different images. In series like these, where one figure or element remains consistent across numerous picture planes, it’s easy to see how much a slight tweak to colour relationships and placement of figures can make a huge difference in the overall feeling of a piece. 

A screen capture of Catherine Bourassa-Hebert's art portfolio websitewww.catbh.com

In her Paintings (other) gallery, Catherine showcases a process of experimentation with a wider variety of textures and aesthetics. Moments from works in this gallery sometimes appear elsewhere, and sometimes are exclusive to this realm of less-rigid abstraction.

A painting with dark layers of colour and texturesmall_blue_yellow_dots

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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