Energy and Ideas: The Art Portfolio of Allen Wittert

A painting with abstract forms on a crimson backgroundBlue Fish on red

Allen Wittert is a UK-based painter who works primarily in acrylic and mixed media. The artist’s paintings blend figurative and abstract painting in a way that emphasizes energy and ideas, with an expressionist aesthetic. 

A painting of multiple figures at a partyThe wine party


I love how much detail and colour Allen packs into each one of his paintings. The artist tends to spread form and figure across the width of the canvas plane, creating images that are quite striking when seen as complete units, and that reward a closer look with an abundance of fine detail, smaller creative moments, and intersections of colour and line. 

A screen capture of Allen Wittert's art portfolio

Works where the artist is more focused on human figures create an interesting sense of narrative. The figures in the series People, Places, and Things sometimes appear inspired by elements of cubism, and other times by expressionism in the vein of Basquiat or De Kooning. The artist’s use of bright, warm shades of red, pink, and orange emphasize the liveliness of his figures.

A painting of a woman's face made with bright colours and newspaper clippingsYellow red blue

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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