The Painting Portfolio of Edie Marshall

A painting of flowering plants in tall grassBuffalo Beans, oil on birch panel

Edie Marshall is a painter from Saskatchewan. In her practice, Edie is inspired by nature and environmentalism, and works in a gestural painting style to build colourful images, dense with details and figures. 

A painting of a delapidated house in an overgrown fieldTattered Leavings, oil on stretched canvas


I like the way that Edie’s artistic style tends to reflect the nature of her subject matter. Recent series like Wildflowers showcase images that are spread evenly across the entire canvas, with volume and compositional balance created by differences in colour and shadow rather than negative space. 

A screen capture of Edie Marshall's art portfolio


Edie’s series A Fictional Ghost Town comprises paintings of disused houses, in apparently rural settings. The composition of these works reflects the visual oversaturation of an abandoned house overgrown with wildflowers or taken over by vines. I like how Edie portrays the houses as well -- her gestural style lends itself well to rendering hard, architectural lines in a way that emphasizes age and decay.

A painting of a house made with bright red highlightsSolitude, oil on birch panel

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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