Industrial Architecture: Illustrative Art by Susan Gransby

A reduction linocut print of a scene in VancouverTom's House, Granville Island, reduction linocut

Susan Gransby is currently based in Burnaby, BC, where she produces works in printmaking, illustration, and other mixed media. The artist often takes industrial architecture as subject matter, breaking down complex layers of engineered structure into sparing geometrically inclined images. 

A mixed media artwork with imagery of shipping containers and cranesTerminal, mixed media


I like the way Susan takes urban, industrial structures and pares them down into images that are still recognizable, but at the same time evoke a different time and place. With an illustrative, narrative aesthetic, the artist takes the viewer on a winding path through narrow alleys, crowded shops and restaurants, leading the eye to detail and minutiae, like finely sculpted light fixtures or piles of disused baskets.  

A screen capture of Susan Gransby's art portfolio


There’s an impressive array of different printmaking styles and media in the artist’s portfolio, and Susan is able to use each different medium to her advantage, working to the strengths of a particular technique to create images that resonate as much in media as they do in message. 

An intaglio print with a gradient of colours over a city sceneAcoma Pueblo, intaglio

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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