Elements of the Natural: Art by Nicole Richards

A mixed media artwork depicting narwhals from an arial viewNavigating Icebergs

Nicole Richards is an artist trained in printmaking who works in print and other media. In her current portfolio, Nicole uses her artwork as a way of expressing the sense of awe she feels when confronted with elements of the natural world. 

A painting of a hedgehog at a small front doorAnyone at home?


As her inspiration might suggest, Nicole’s subject matter is frequently fauna -- birds and small animals factor into a large portion of her works. I like Nicole’s recent paintings of animals interacting with their environments in anthropomorphized ways, such as a hedgehog knocking at a tiny door embedded in a tree trunk. I also enjoy the sculptural element that Nicole brings to some of her works -- many of the artist’s pieces are painted directly onto disks cut from trees, and some installations feature cut-out paintings of birds that inhabit the space in quite a different way than they would if they were simply paintings. 

The front page of Nicole Richards' art portfolio websitewww.nicolerichardsart.com


There’s a common thread in Nicole’s portfolio of a collision between the natural and man-made worlds, one that also hearkens to timely issues of environmentalism and conservation.

A painting of a bird on a tree ringWhite crowned Sparrow

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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