Strking Figures: The Art Portfolio of Allyson Malek

A painting of circles on a grey backgroundMellow Moments, acrylic on canvas

Allyson Malek works primarily in acrylic paint, creating abstracted works that emphasize bright and energetic colour schemes. The artist’s works tend to focus on simple, striking figures painted on heavily textured grounds. 

A painting with bars of bright, saturated colourSerape, acrylic on canvas


Bright dots and coloured spheres are a common motif in Allyson’s artworks, as are stacked geometric compositions that could be likened to the work of Mark Rothko. In our previous feature of Allyson’s abstract compositions we looked at the way the artist renders 3-dimensional spheres across the surface of a canvas, building an abstract work that nevertheless has enough focus on realistic volume and shading to suggest a strange, surreal scene. These works toe the line between abstraction and still life, producing a wonderful sense of tension and intrigue for the viewer. 

A screen capture of Allyson Malek's art portfolio


Elsewhere in her portfolio, Allyson renders forms like a tulip, building recognizable figures that are painted as if referencing sculptures rather than living flowers or plants.

A painting of a yellow tulipColleen's Tulip, acrylic on gallery-wrapped canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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