The Acrylic on Canvas Portfolio of Jennifer Sparacino

A painting of a coyote in bright coloursCoyote Sunset, acrylic on canvas

Jennifer Sparacino works primarily in acrylic on canvas. Jennifer’s current practice is quite prolific, with the artist often taking a single subject as the inspiration for multiple successive works, producing multiple series of paintings that showcase that subject from a variety of viewpoints. 

A painting of an owl against a forest backgroundPerch of One's Own, acrylic on canvas


The artist’s recent Wildlife 2020 paintings take bears, wolves, and other typically North American animals as their primary subjects, with an emphasis on abstracted colour. Jennifer’s animal figures are rendered as white silhouettes, onto which the artist layers lines and planes of bright colour, creating an effect wherein the fur of her subject is given believable texture and otherworldly colour, for a very striking visual effect. 

The front page of Jennifer Sparacino's art portfolio


The artist’s series of paintings under 12x12 feature floral subjects, and here the colour is fully saturated. Looking at these works all at once is like looking at an entire field of flowers that the artist has painted carefully, petal by petal, and divided into separate canvases for individual works.

A painting of bright red poppiesRed Splash, acrylic on birch panel

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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