The Art Portfolio of Watercolour Painter Jane Crosby

A painting of an oregano plantOregano "Kent Beauty", watercolour on cold-pressed paper

Jane Crosby is a watercolour painter with a love for plants and florals. The artist’s painting style is realistic, and Jane showcases an impressive skill with her medium, producing delicate, controlled works with an emphasis on detail. 

A painting of a teacup and pearls atop a thick bookBook and Pearls Wabi Sabi, watercolour on hot pressed paper


As we’ve talked about in previous features of Jane’s art portfolio, the artist is able to achieve an impressive level of fine detail with a medium that is often quite finicky and unforgiving. The artist’s Not Florals gallery abounds with still life paintings of teacups, and the way the artist captures the intricate patterns of ceramic glazes and decor is truly stunning. 

A screen capture of Jane Crosby's art portfolio


It’s neat to be able to see Jane’s accomplished skill with watercolour next to artworks that take a slightly more casual approach. In her black and white gallery, the artist showcases her works in ink on paper, often using planes of intricate repeating patterns and pointillism to create visually dynamic shading and volume.

A drawing of a chickadee in mid-flightChickadee In Motion, ink on paper

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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