Fantastic Favourites: Joel Yatscoff, Kenn Raaf, Robert Milling

Today we’re taking a look at the art portfolios of three artists working in varied media and disciplines, from industrial design to sculpture restoration. Today's features artists are Joel Yatscoff, Kenn Raaf, and Robert Milling.


Joel Yatscoff

A packaging design for a medicinal marijuana welcome kitVan der Pop/ Weed MD Welcome Kit (Design for Hiku Brands Inc.)


Joel Yatscoff is an industrial designer. The artist’s body of work encompasses original designs for a variety of products, including housewares and jewelry as well as industry-specific technologies. The artist’s designs are sleek and modern while taking ease of use into account. 


Kenn Raaf

A dark, heavy painting of a male nude seen from behindMen In Blue, oil on canvas

Kenn Raaf is a painter and sculptor who often combines these two disciplines in his works, creating wall-hanging works with three-dimensional elements that break the wall between the viewer and the picture plane. Ken often uses his practice to address political and introspective subject matter, using darkened colours and thick, heavy textures to convey powerful emotions.



Robert Milling

A series of photos of a restored statueSt. Killian Statue Restoration

Robert Milling brings his painting practice into the fields of interior design and architecture, producing murals, frescoes, and wall finishes, as well as restoration work on sculptures and existing mural paintings. Robert’s attention to detail is at the forefront in each work, and the results are subtly spectacular.

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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