Variations in the Land: The Photography of William Kent

A photo of Painted Hills, OregonPainted Cove from Parking Lot

Photographer William Kent captures images of landscapes both wild and urban all along the Pacific coast of the United States and Canada. The artist’s portfolio is packed with images that celebrate saturated colour and the incredible variations in the land of just a small part of the world. 

A photograph of spindly, leafless trees in NewfoundlandThe Arches Treeline


I really like the way that William emphasizes colour in his photographs. Whether he’s capturing mural art on the streets of Chico, California, or the fiery hues of an Arizona canyon, the artist seems to have a knack for finding bright colours in his environment, and zeroing in on them through his photographic process. William’s photos are elegantly composed -- the artist takes an artistic approach rather than a strictly documentarian one, photographing subjects from dynamic angles to draw the viewer’s eye across the picture plane. 

The front page of William Kent's art portfolio


As we saw in our previous feature of William’s panoramic landscape photos, the artist has also experimented with different photographic techniques such as infrared photography, to visually striking effect.

A panoramic image of a barge crossing under a bridge in VancouverBridge and Ship Panorama ship reflection

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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