Lush and Layered Textures: Art by Edward Bock

A mixed media artwork depicting an abstracted jukeboxJukebox, acrylic and charcoal on wood panel

Edward Bock works in mixed media, creating colourful works in two dimensions that express thick, lush, and layered textures. Edward uses a bright and saturated colour palette in the majority of his works, blending cool green tones with warm reds and oranges for a geological, planetary effect.

A painting with blue and green coloursCapricornus II, acrylic on canvas


In his abstract paintings, Edward takes a particularly wild and experimental approach, incorporating a wide variety of colours and textures, often layering geometric lineart forms over planes of colour. The resulting works have a distinct energy to them, and as a viewer I’m inclined to let my eye wander across the entire surface of the painting, never stopping at any particular point but taking in the entire composition in a kind of narrative sense. 

A screen capture of Edward Bock's art portfolio


Other series like Edward’s Darkfield Biome draw inspiration from biological forms, and though the works in this series could easily be read as abstract, the artist’s use of organic shapes and patterns referencing those in nature create a fascinating sense that the viewer is looking at an alien biosphere.

An acrylic painting with orange and red tonesAtmos I, acrylic on canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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